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Welcome to the Computer Vision Education Digital Library Collection.

Computer vision is a difficult subject to teach. Students must learn and integrate knowledge from mathematics, electrical engineering, signal processing, optics, physics, psychophysics, and computational theory and algorithms.

As part of the development of this site, we developed a common syllabus description at an NSF funded workshop in the fall of 2004. The report from that workshop provides a breakdown of the common topics in a computer vision course, suggested computer science background, and suggested math background for each topic.

One of the most difficult things to do when teaching computer vision is develop good assignments. Many of us have both succeeded and failed in this task. Computer vision can also be an expensive topic to teach, both in terms of equipment and the time required to set up hardware and acquire high-quality data sets. Different institutions have different capabilities, but few have the variety of resources necessary to cover all of the topics in a computer vision course.

This collection of resources is an attempt to bring our collective educational successes and capabilities together into a comprehensive digital library collection for computer vision education. This resource currently contains links to computer vision courses around the world, links to and evaluations of textbooks, and links to assignments and data sets provided by computer vision educators. Over the next year we will be adding significantly to the content available here and asking the computer vision education community to actively contribute.

If you would like to link your own courses and material to the site, click on New User or Submit a Resource . If you have questions, please email Bruce Maxwell at

This site was developed as part of the National Science Foundation National Science Digital Library program. For those of you used to alphabet soup, it is the NSF NSDL program.